Who is this MJ?

Just the facts ma’am (MJ’s resume).

From the time I was old enough to read the Nancy Drew series, I knew I would be an actress or a writer when I grew up.

I took a little detour to see the world as an international flight attendant and, believe me, that required some Academy Award-winning performances! It also gave me the time to start my writing career as a travel writer for a weekly newspaper in Nashville and to start two businesses in the user-assistance arena.

When I gave up the glamour of juggling flying, consulting, tech writing, instructional design, training and organizing conferences (all at the same time), I settled into full-time writing and magazine and book editing. I’ve never looked back. Living “on the road” for 24 years (off and on, thanks to TWA’s generous leave policy) gave me a broadened perspective and allowed me to cultivate a curiosity to explore a range of topics and to dig beneath the surface.

Magazine editing fell from the sky and landed in my lap. A friend who is a publisher needed a new managing editor for one of his publications—like yesterday. I agreed to help with only one issue, but I learned so much from my editor-in-chief and had so much fun working with him that I stayed with the publication for seven years and picked up two additional magazines from the same publisher.

I’m on my fourth trade association magazine, and I’ve learned from each of my editors along the way. More important, what I’ve learned from editing has helped my writing, my primary focus.

By now, you’ve figured out that I love a challenge, so if you’re grappling with a communications project, bring it on because two heads are better than one.