What Others Say

If I could say it better, I would.

MJ is creative – not “out of the box” creative, more like “never seen a box, never will” creative. MJ is “big picture,” always thinking strategy while executing the tactics. MJ is disciplined and rigorous, paying attention to detail, allowing nothing to get past her, the consummate professional. MJ has integrity, and will do whatever it takes to deliver on her commitments. MJ is a riot, like three barrels of monkeys run amok on the subway during rush hour. Try it, you’ll like it.”

Peter Plamondon
Exploiting Microsoft for Fun and Profit (former Microsoft evangelist)


MJ has been a contributor to Activity Connection (activityconnection.com) since 2011. We count ourselves fortunate to have someone so dedicated and consistently excellent on our team. She is a versatile, creative writer who painstakingly researches her subject matter and presents it in a way guaranteed to keep the reader interested and informed. Over the years she has become a trivia expert and, among other things, produces three trivia activities for us each month. We marvel over how she can come up with what seems to be a never-ending supply of interesting questions and answers!

And, on top of all that, MJ is great fun to work with.  Her highly developed sense of humor and witty style keep things interesting and fresh.  She can be counted on to meet her deadlines (more often than not submitting work early) and to provide outstanding material each and every time.  She is a pleasure to work with and an asset to any organization who utilizes her services.

Lynne Grip
Activity Connection


MJ is remarkable…let’s start there. She took over a niche magazine for which I was managing editor and very quickly–at light speed, really–became familiar with content that is far, far off the beaten track. She never missed a deadline, often providing content early, and was incredibly accurate. You simply cannot miss by hiring her to do whatever it is that you need to have done! And you’ll enjoy interacting with her, to boot.

Catherine Chandra Watkins
Freelance writer and editor


There are not enough adjectives to describe MJ, but here’s a few: Witty, pithy and just so damn likable. To put it simply – she made my job a hell of a lot easier. Any organization would be lucky to have her on their team.”

Jason John
Client Development Associate at eLearning Mind


MJ’s work is always top tier and with her help we have started to develop strong content. She is easy to communicate with and knowledgeable about almost anything you throw her way, which has made working with her easy. We started with two articles and in a few months added more work because of her great work ethic.”

Jurissa Ayala


Where fierce determination, superb work ethic and extraordinary writing expertise intersect, there MJ will be found! Mix in her amazing wit, life experience and world travel, and you have a gifted writer who can write about anything, anytime, in no time. During my career as an advertising copywriter and marketing manager, I was exposed to many talented writers and I daresay none held a candle to MJ.

The 2013 book I co-authored with MJ, Waves of Change, bears her creative mark on every page and was completed and published only through her amazing skill, inspiration and perseverance. MJ is a sure bet for any writing project. She gets it done, and she gets it done right!”

Pam Hernandez-Kaufman, MBA, MS
Licensed Psychotherapist


As a volunteer editor-in-chief of the Florida Turf Digest, MJ definitely made me look good! During my tenure in this role, MJ served as the managing editor of the publication. Under her leadership, the magazine became recognized as the leading publication for the Florida turfgrass industry. Her dedication and hard work is second to none. MJ is a detail oriented professional, who made the hard work and long hours of fun!”

Darren J. Davis, CGCS
GCSAA Class A Golf Course Superintendent at Olde Florida Golf Club


MJ Plaster is an insanely talented writer and editor. She works tirelessly for her clients—literally, she’ll skip sleeping altogether to meet deadlines if that’s what it takes. She’s quick, sharp and exploding with creative energy! She worked countless hours creating a stunningly beautiful 40th Anniversary Commemorative Program for the International Entertainment Buyers Association. I sent her mountains of old scrapbook clippings and newsletter articles from 40 years, and she turned them into a cohesive, beautiful story. She took a heaping pile of crap and made it smell like a rose!”

Tiffany Davis – former Executive Director, International Entertainment
Buyers Association


The only thing more pleasant than working with MJ “the writer” is getting to know MJ “the person.” She’s smart, funny, creative and highly versatile—all characteristics that shine in her work. As a freelancer who worked on two of my projects when I was a project manager at Skyword, I worked with MJ for two years. She never missed a deadline and was consistently praised as a client favorite. She’s a true storyteller, able to handle any task with the utmost professionalism. Brands need a voice that stands out in today’s cluttered digital age—MJ is that voice.”

Dave Armenti
Content Marketing Manager, Vacation Rentals at TripAdvisor


MJ is the person you want if you need a creative writer, a detailed editor, or a conscientious project lead.”

Judith Fitzsimmons
Technical Writer, Instructional Designer, Business Consultant


As an editor for hire, MJ took my self-published book to a professional polished level. This made the book much more pleasurable to read. More than just fixing my written English, she took the time to explain what she was doing and why it worked better. Most importantly, she did all of this without making me feel completely illiterate. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Jeff Burns
Concept Artist / Illustrator / Fine Art Painter

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